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  • Teatro dell'Albero

    Teatro dell’Albero

    Our History

Who We Are

Teatro dell’Albero was founded in 2000 by Mario Barzaghi and Rosalba Genovese. Maria Rita Simone (actress and playwright, a Ph.D. in Literature and Philology- Performing Arts) joined the company in 2013.

The company is mainly interested in developing the actor’s art between East and West by pedagogical and artistic proposals related to transculturality and to the study of the behavior on stage in the different theatre cultures. Meanwhile offers range among various theatrical genres, comic, dramatic, classical, contemporary.


Teatro dell’Albero organizes the following training seminars:

  • Homo Faber
  • Stilts Technique
  • Kathakali
  • Orissi
  • Clown
  • La Bottega del Teatro (school project)



Il Teatro dell’Albero has worked in cooperation with: Teatro Persona, Teatro due Mondi, Teatro dei Venti, Trickster Teatro, Diaphanès Teatro, Teatro B. Brecht, Teatro La Madrugada, Regulacontraregulam, Theatre L, Eva Espoleta, Serge Martin, Jacques Gardel, Arsenic, Studio d’action Theatrale, Le Galpon, Gabriel Alvarez, Robert Clerc, Orchestra del conservatorio di Ginevra, Grotowski Institute, Tage Larsen, Odin Teatret, ECUM (Belo Horizonte).


We have presented shows in Italy, Europe, and South-America. Some of these collaborations have helped to develop more concrete artistic relations. We refer to the work done for East, a street show by the Teatro Due Mondi, If there were light, The Dragon, Simurgh, Pentesilea by Teatro dei Venti, without forgetting the directions (by M. Barzaghi) of the following shows Geometry of Chaos –Limen Teatro, A blue morning is coming and You and Me…We are two-Diaphanes Teatro; Scardanelli’s Library with Hernan Genè, In Memory with Maria Rita Simone, Ardendo si consuma, The fight between Tancredi and Clorinda. Facts and background of a heart piercing love, Mary, A woman of today- Teatro dell’Albero. Moreover at the Festuge (Festival of Odin Teatret) we have collaborated on Kei Bredolth’s and Tage Larsen’s projects bound to barter and socio cultural exchanges.