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Clarino: History of the Spark and the Beauty of Everybody

Three shows that address the same issues and tell the same stories; they differ in the modality and in the approach that takes into account the diversity of the ages, the beauty and the uniqueness of each phase of existence. The thread is the character of Clarino.

  • I want a cloud … like a carpet (from 3 to 5 years)
  • Clouds are a dream (from 6 to 10 years)
  • What are the clouds? (from 11 to 13 years)

We meet Clarino in the work of Calder├│n de la Barca Life is a dream, where he is a servant jester. In “I want a cloud … like carpet”, “Clouds are a dream”, “What are clouds?”, Clarino has abandoned the ancient text to live among us and tell a new story. Tells the tale of the wolf and the lamb in the stream: one hand becomes the wolf and the other the lamb. In another fairy tale, a bowl becomes the lake, small stripes of white tempera are the sheep: it is the story of the sheep that shouted “Help! Help! The wolf”.

The stories are made to reflect on some basic values ??that can be a reference point for our and others’ lives. Since childhood we should appreciate the wonder of nature and the particular beauty that each of us has in its diversity. instead of trying envy, jealousy and feeling diminished for this. That same beauty that Michelangelo represents very well in the Sistine Chapel, when God passes from index to index his own “divine spark” to Adam. Man belongs to the animal kingdom but is not a simple animal. As Dante says: “Consider your seed: you were not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge”.

The show unfolds telling a tale made of other tales that like pearls form a single necklace. Fables and songs that tell of animals and trees. The scenography is constructed during the show with simple elements: a sheet becomes a horse, a dress, a cloud …, a bowl with water turns into a blue lake. Clarino comes on stage bringing a bunch of real flowers all different in shape and color and only at the end together we will discover that each of us and as one of those flowers, beautiful because of its uniqueness and its diversity.

Theater for children and teenagers. Show focused on the following themes: the beauty present in each of us, the poetry, the ethic of cohabitation, the fight against hypocrisy and lies to be understood as values at the base of a culture based on peace and equality between the peoples.


  • I want a cloud … like carpet – 40 minutes
  • Clouds are a dream – 50 minutes
  • What are the clouds? – 50 minutes