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Good night cathy!

The story is freely taken from a novel present in Leonardo Sciascia’s The Color Wine. The emigrant Cathy during his journey dreams of meeting his myths, the stars of the theater and the cinema: Marlon Brando, Charlot, Buster Keaton and Martha Graham. Sing, mime, dance but at the same time tells the story of a completely different journey that takes place in the fifties and begins at night from a deserted beach in Sicily.

Some emigrants have sold their own to buy a ticket to America and they are embarking on the ship of Mr. Melfa. He promised to land them on the shores of New Jersey more or less ten, twelve days later. They have to pay 250,000 lire, half at the time of departure and the rest upon arrival. They will meet their relatives at the Trenton station. Will Cathy and the traveling companions manage to reach America? Will they succeed in realizing their dream?

Monologue on the theme of emigration.

Typology: Word Theater and Dance Theater

Duration: 1 hour