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Mary woman of our days

A woman with a very sweet face, delicate lips parted almost in the act of uttering a word, her cheeks just flushed and her eyes shining like precious stones. The hair that emerges from under the veil refines even more those delicate traits. This is the image of Mary, albeit with different shades and details, given back by poets, sculptors, painters and we can admire both in art and in the words of the songs and poems. Just to the mother of Christ, the Bishop of Molfetta, Don Tonino Bello, in his penultimate year of life, has dedicated a booklet entitled Mary, woman of our days. It is a collection of thirty-one short reflections on different epithets attributed to the Madonna: a woman in love, a woman of the first step, a woman of the first glance, a beautiful woman, a woman of expectation, a courageous woman.

Through a poetic language full of images, able to get straight to the heart, Don Tonino gives us an image of Mary woman, mother and bride inserted in the earthly world, committed like all of us to face the small and big problems of everyday life. Starting from the words of Don Tonino Bello, the Teatro dell’Albero offers a moment of reflection, structured in the form of reading, singing and projections of videos and images, to restore, in all its beauty, the image of Mary, woman of our days.

Readings taken from the text by Don Tonino Bello Maria, a woman of today.

Typology: Sacred theater, reading, video projection.

Duration: 1 hour