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Pùtana mooksha

The main character is a professional killer orchess. Kari (the term means “black”) is the name of the archetypal value of the model which in this case is represented in the guise of Putana. King Kamsa, having learned of Krishna’s birth, in the wonderful city of Ambadi, calls the ogress in his presence and orders her to kill all the children of Ambadi (like Herod in the Christian tradition). In fact, she fears that Krishna as an adult may take power. In the fragment that we will present we will see the ogress in the moment before the summons by King Kamsa. The ogress after receiving the communication of the king’s messenger, she looks in the mirror and tries to make herself beautiful to present herself in the presence of King Kamsa. Within the dramatic story, this fragment, on the contrary, shows a comic-grotesque character, easy to understand even for a Western audience.

The show is preceded by a short introduction relating to Kathakali and history which will also be represented with reference to the background and conclusion (as is traditionally done in India). Once the orders are received from King Kamsa, the orc is transformed into a beautiful girl. The strategic plan for killing Krishna is to breastfeed him after sprinkling the breasts with poison. The orchess, under the guise of a beautiful girl, goes to Ambadi, she finds the palace where Krishna is staying and takes advantage of a moment in which the baby is only to breastfeed him. Even though he is still a child, Krishna shows all his power and, together with the milk, sucks the life of the ogress, parchmenting it. A moment before dying she sees the god Krishna enveloped in flames and this allows her to free herself from her karma (Putana Mooksha, liberation of Putana).

The show is preceded by a brief introduction on the world of Kathakali, “total” art (a combination of theater, dance, music, song, make-up and costume) and an explanation of the story that will be danced. Viewers will have the opportunity to witness the makeup before the show. Duration of make-up 3 hours, duration of dressing 1 hour.

Type: Kathakali style Indian classical dance theater show.

Duration o: 25 minutes plus initial introduction relating to Kathakali and the story represented.