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The little tree

A small dry tree to look after, day by day, season after season. Patient waiting. The hope that the miracle of life can manifest itself. This is what remains of the era of abundance, of nature once thriving and pregnant with fruit. The broken wood contains the memory of the roots that scratch the earth, tracing their path and of the branches that intertwine, protégé upwards, until they touch a piece of sky. Three characters: a man, guardian of the earth, a mother, keeper of life and a witness angel. The looks like branches reach upwards, the feet like roots cling to the ground. The vision is reflected in the serenity of the faces, as well as in the contracted muscles and expressions of pain. What the eyes capture exudes beauty and dismay. The body reacts in the form of a dance, now harmonious and hypnotic, now decomposed and fragmented. The voice is expressed in word and song, outlining, at the foot of the small tree, the space of prayer, of childhood memories, of vision, of the cycle of life.

Typology: Dance theater, Singing, Poetry
Duration of the show: 1 hour